Thursday, 9 June 2011


Cuvânt înainte : aceasta este o poveste care fără colegii mei nu ar fi luat viaţă . Este un " frame story " prin care ei mi-au demonstrat că oarecum ămi ănţeleg visele , dorinţele , sentimentele . Vă mulţumesc vouă , tuturor .

I. Once I thought I knew what love is . The fact is that I didn't but now I found it out , for real . This is a story about three full moons .
II. My moon , his moon and our moon . But where could my place be ? Only in my moon ? No , I fly into diffrent places , but I know that my place is in your moon.
III. Switching places with someones else moon will make me feel guilty , incomplete . Without your glances , without the view of your moon , without our moon  I wouldn't have been the butterfly I am now . Inspite all of this , my wings will not be shiny anymore and my heart would be broken , empty .
IV. But if it hadn't been for my broken heart , I wouldn't have been able to love you again . At first , it was just a funny game where we were playing tag in the garden like little kids , laughing and giggling . But now the situation has changed . We are not kids anymore . You are not a kid anymore .
V. Everything changed : the way we talk , write , walk but one thing remained the same : our love . " I love you " isn't just a quote that people use to say when they care about a person , for me it's more . I can not belive that after everything you've done , I still love you .
VI. I hope that one day you'll feel the same things that I feel . I hope you know how it is to wake up with the one you love in your mind , as I do . To know that I could do everything for you , because my love has not died . I hope that one day we'll have " our sun " , because I  am too tired to live in dark .
VII. My sun , your sun , our sun . But let's make together a bigger sun , the brightest one , the strongest relationship . Let's let our sun shine stronger than ever . Let me love you again .
VIII. This time should be the happiest one . I love you more than ever .
IX. And one more thing  : I have my star and you are that star . You might have your star , but I don't know who she truly is . And I dream that one day we'll have OUR star , shinier than anything else in this world. I love you .

Autorii :  I. M. ; II. Emma ; III. Miruna P. ; IV. Denisa ; V. Anca S. ; VI. Andda Pix ; VII. Adirana ; VIII. Sergiu ; IX. M.