Sunday, 7 March 2010

UpDate top ten .

Time passes.Apar o groaza de lucruri noi.Hai sa trecem la subiect.Unele raman.Intra altii.Tanana.

Top 10 Songs

10.Green Day-American Idiot
9.Muse-Time is Running Out
8.Paramore-Misery Business
7.Texas-Summer Sun
6.Lady Gaga-Alejandro
5.Bon Jovi-Living On A Prayer
4.Joann Jett-I Love Rock'n'Roll
3.One Republic-All the Right Moves
1.Lady Antabellum-Need You Now

Top 10 Movies

10.Romeo and Juliet(1969)
9.Almoust Famous(2001)
8.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(2004)
5.The Duchess(2008)
4.Dirty Dancing 2:Havana Nights(2004)
3.The Time Travalers Wife (2009)
2.Percy Jacksnon and The Olimpyans(2010)
1.Sherlock Holmes(2009)

Top 5 Songs to Have Sex On

5.U2 feat. Mary J. Blidage-One Love
4.Texas-Summer Son
3.Joan Jett-Black Velvet
1.Jhon Bon Jovi-It's My Life

Top 10 Books

10.Eragon(Christoper Paolini)
9.Romeo and Juliet(William Shakespeare)
8.The Witch,The Lion And the Wardrobe(C.S. Lewis)
7.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(J.K. Rowling)
6.Tara Duncan Series(Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian)
5.Twilight(Stephanie Mayer)
4.Eclipse(Stepanie Mayer)
3.Dracula(Bram Stoker)
2.The Faerie Wars Chronicles(James Herbert Brennan)
1.House of Night Saga(P.C.& Kristin Cast)

Top 10 Hottes Guys

10.Jackson Rathbone
9.Colin Farrell
8.Jude Law
7.Jared Letto
6.Patrick Dempsey
5.Alex Pettyfer
4.Jonathan Rhys Meyers
3.Aston Kutcher
Deoarece sunt amandoi extrem de hot,nu exista locul 1 si 2.Sunt la egalitate. Jhonny Depp si Robert Downey Jr.

Top 10 Love Songs

10.Belinda Crarlisle-La Luna
9.Maggie Reilly-Everytime We Touch
8.Fleetwod Mac-Tell Me Lies
7.AFI-Love Like Winter
6.Dave Matthews Band-Crash Into Me
5.Florin Chilian-Zece
4.Eternal Flame-Bangles
3.Faith Hill-Breathe
2.Lady Antabellum-Need You Now

Top 10 Soundtracks

10.13 Going On 30
8.Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
6.Sherlock Holmes
5.Sex And The City-The Movie
3.Jennifer's Body
2.My Blueberry Nights
1.Vampire Diaries(Nu e film,e serial.Dar tot soundtrack ii zice,si este un mixaj excelent de melodii melancolice!)